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Oil , Gas , Petrochemical

Firefighting & Rescue


Our Partners

We represent Exclusively The Following Companies

Clampco Sistemi

Clampco Sistemi was Established in 1989 and is a division of Calzavara S.p.A., an Italian company active in telecommunications and renewable energies sectors: Clampco Sistemi is the brand for a whole set of products ranging from aircraft warning light systems to antennas and probes for EMF measurements. Nowadays, Clampco Sistemi has earned a reputation for delivering the best solutions of aircraft warning light systems worldwide; the core-business, in fact, consists of design and production of customized obstruction light systems for different markets and applications such as Oil&Gas, Telecom, Aviation, Building, Power Distribution.


The Holmatro Group, founded in the Netherlands in 1967, is a leading privately owned global supplier of hydraulic equipment and services.For more than half a century, Holmatro has been developing, producing and testing high-pressure hydraulic equipment for rescue, industrial and tactical applications. Based on the needs of users, Holmatro products are known for their high quality and innovative technology. Holmatro sells and services these products through offices in various countries and an extensive dealer network. Holmatro products are made in the Netherlands and USA at our state-of-the-art production facilities. Innovation, quality and service are at the heart of this company philosophy.

Jord International

Jord International is a solutions provider to the process industries. We design, manufacture, commission and service bespoke process plant and systems, supplied either as EPC turnkey plant, modular systems or as individual capital equipment. Examples include gas turbine and gas compression balance of plant, gas treatment and separation modules, air cooled heat exchangers, air cooled condensers, dewatering systems using pressure or vacuum filtration, rotary kilns and dryers, clean air systems, crystallization and evaporation plants.


Koseq headquarter is based in Ridderkerk in the Netherlands.Over forty years ago Koseq started in the oil recovery market by developing the rigid sweeping arm. It was, and still is, a different solution than most other stationary equipment. The rigid sweeping arms made it possible to effectively and efficiently recover oil by dynamically sweeping the oil of the water, in both good and adverse weather conditions. Koseq still leads the way of dynamic oil recovery, for example by making this well proven technology more accessible. Independent floating sweeping arms to be used in the most flexible way on a vessel of opportunity and containerized units engineered in detail to give an easy, fast and effective oil recovery solution, anywhere, anytime you need it.

Refrigeration Engineering International (REI)

Refrigeration Engineering International is an Australian company providing process cooling, gas compression, natural gas processing, and tank cooling solutions for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. Since 1987 REI has built a strong reputation in the Oil and Gas industry becoming globally recognized.Refrigeration Engineering International provides flexible supply options to meet varying customer requirements including: Complete skid mounted packages ; Process design ; Consulting services; Customer interface engineering. Some examples of REI successes are : Fuel gas compression; CO2 recovery – food-grade compressor ; CO2 liquefaction – ammonia refrigeration; CO2 natural gas liquefaction – Ethylene refrigeration; Butadiene storage facilities – Propylene refrigeration; Butadiene storage – propane refrigeration; Polyethylene plant – peroxide storage; Dew point control – propane refrigeration; Ammonia fertilizer plant; Ethylene liquefaction & storage


Stolway is an Australian providing custom engineered Explosion-Proof Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (Ex HVAC) equipment to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries. The equipment is specifically designed to operate safely in classified hazardous gas areas, both on and offshore. Since 1993 Stolway has designed and installed a large number of systems internationally for premium Oil, Gas and engineering organizations. Products are: Analyzer House HVAC Systems; Ex Vertical Packages; Offshore Marine Packaged HVAC Equipment; Ex Horizontal/Roof Mount Packages; Ex Field Cabinet Coolers; Ex Analyzer Sampling Chillers; Ex Air Cooled Chillers and Condensing Units; Ex Air Handling Units; Mobile/Temporary Air Conditioning Units; Ex Trailer Mounted Units; Safe Area Units; Ex Warm Air Heaters; Ex Drinking Water Coolers; Ex Hot Water Heaters; Ex Humidifiers; HVAC Control Panels


Vikoma International Limited is an active company incorporated on 30 January 1995 with the registered office located in Isle of Wight, UK. Vikoma International Limited designs and manufactures oil and chemical pollution control systems. The company offers marine products, including containment booms, recovery systems, offshore storage systems, vessels, dispersant systems, and ancillary equipment for oil spill operation; industrial equipment for industrial applications, such as refineries, petrochemical, power generation, and waste oil pits, as well as training and after sales support services. Its customers include major oil companies, governments, ports and harbors, and major spill response organizations worldwide.


Ziegler is one of the global leaders in manufacturing firefighting vehicles and emergency management solutions since 1891. With the market leading position Ziegler has not only innovative power but possesses also huge international growth potential. The product range includes the entire spectrum of fire technology of gear about highly specialized pumping and fire fighting systems to trucks of all kinds. Ziegler Customers are volunteer and professional fire departments, Airport, Industry, and Governmental emergency management authorities around the world. Ziegler vehicles and pumps are manufactured in accordance with German standards and are known by the fire services in over 100 countries for its quality,

Some Of Our Clients

Persian Gulf Star Oil Company - Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate Refineryو National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC), Kala- Naft, Abadan –Refinery, Tehran –Refinery, Esfehan –Refinery, Shiraz – Refinery, Tabriz- Refinery, Iranian Offshore Oil Company ( IOOC), National Iranian Oil Engineering & Construction (NIOEC), Iranian Central Oil Fields co (ICOFC), NIGC Foreign Purchasing Dept, Pars Petrochemical Comple, Jam Petrochemical Complex, Arak Petrochemical Complex, Esfahan Petrochemical Complex, Shiraz Petrochemical Complex, Khurg Petrochemical Complex, Bandar Emam Petrochemical Complex, Tabriz Petrochemical Complex, Khuzestan Petrochemical Complex, Tabriz Petrochemical Complex, Khorasan Petrochemical Complex, AmirKabir Petrochemical Complex, Marun Petrochemical Complex, Ghaed Basir Petrochemical Complex, Buali-Sina Petrochemical Complex, Chemi-Baft Petrochemical Complex, Pars Petrochemical Complex, Sazeh, Namvaran, Nargan, OIEC, Sakhtare Farda, Sharegan, Bandar Shaheed Rajaee, Bandar Noshar, Bandar Busher, Bandar Imam Khomeini, Khark Island, Engineering Services, Marine Services and engineering (IRISL), Tehran Fire Services, Abadan Fire services, Bandar Abbas Refinery, Kashan Fire, Services, Saipa Fire Service , Iran Khodro Service, Pars Khodro Service, Pars Oil & Gas Co. Phases 2 & 3 Fire & Safety Service, Shahid Rajaee Port, Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Co., Hashemi Nejad Gas Refining Co., Ilam Gas Refining, Petrochemical Commercial Co and over 500 cities with less than 1,000,000 inhabitants fire brigades departments

About US

Tejarat Dana Payeh (TDP) is an Engineering- Procurement company working in different markets in Iran. TDP started its activities in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries but expanded its market to Firefighting and urban rescue market like Municipalities, Firefighting Departments, Red Crescent, …
TDP relies deeply on its team of experts and also to the experiences of many international Western companies which are represented exclusively in the Iranian Market. These days, Tejarat Dana Payeh with a group of affiliated companies,CadCam Iran, Artemis Dana Payeh, Nejat Imen Dana Payeh and Foodan Dana Payeh are forming the Dana Payeh Group (DPG)s.

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